Model Driven Architecture

The model driven approach is the cornerstone of Model Driven technologies include architecture, modeling and ontologies that capture knowledge about our business, our environment, our information, our processes and our supporting technologies. The Model Driven approach is able to integrate this knowledge into views of our enterprise or communities that provide the right information to the right stakeholders at the right time. Besides providing information, the Mod..Read More >>

About Community is a community of government, commercial and university members who use, develop and integrate open source and commercial capabilities to enable agile business solutions based on model driven methods and technologies. is standards based, leveraging Model Driven Architecture® as defined by the OMG and the Semantic Web as defined by W3C. This community has both a user membership and a provider membership. The user community drives the agenda – ..Read More >>

Model Driven Architecture Integrates Business & Technology Architectures

Commercial and governmental organizations have, for decades, been struggling with the connection between their business goals and initiatives and the technologies that realize those goals and initiatives.  Applying an architectural approach to the business, to the system of systems and to the technology implementations makes both the enterprise more agile and efficient using technologies that are more agile and effective.  Better results and reduced costs can be a reality.  What Model Driven ..Read More >>

Semantic Web of Linked Data

The Semantic Web is an initiative and set of standards of W3C to create a “web of linked data”. uses the Semantic Web in support of architectures and models; models of our enterprise, our services, our processes and our technologies. The Semantic Web offers a series of advantages; it makes our architectures “web assets”, directly accessible and connectible world-wide. The Semantic Web also provides capabilities to make our architectures and tools smarter using the power..Read More >>

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Agility, effectiveness and efficiency are the modern cornerstones of business, government and defense. These key goals are the basis for much of the transformation in the way we architect our enterprise and information systems and SOA has emerged as a key enabler. There has been some confusion in the industry as to the positioning of SOA as a technology or business architecture. SOA, as presented here, is both a business and a technical approach. The SOA approach to organizing an enterprise f..Read More >>

Concept Libraries

Concept libraries are reference models in support of analytics, big data, application integration and information sharing. The concept libraries project collects and maintains modular concept libraries based for semantic mediation. See the Concept Libraries Project ...

Foundational UML Reference Implementation

This open source software is a reference implementation, consisting of software and related files, for the OMG specification called the Semantics of a Foundational Subset for Executable UML Models (fUML). The reference implementation is intended to implement the execution semantics of UML activity models, accepting an XMI file from a conformant UML model as its input and providing an execution trace of the selected activity model(s) as its output. Foundational UML Project Page ...

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