May 23, 2013
I am interested about formal semantics in the fUML. It is common to reduce a language to a subset (bUML, for fUML) that give meaning for all other constructs, moreover some languages use known techniques to define the semantics for this core (e.g. structural operational semantics).  fUML uses other approach; it uses meta-modeling (a strategy used, in general by OMG, e.g. UML), Moreover, fUML breaks the circularity using PSL to constrain possible traces (base semantics). Does someone know th...More>>
December 8, 2011
It's always great to see more model driven resources launching. I am primarily interested in understanding the latest work in fUML so that I can assure that my Open Source Executable UML project at evolves to be fully compatible with it. As always I am looking to network with other professionals, dev environment vendors and other users of this technology. Looking forward to reading up on all the latest fUML goodies and I will report on my progress.   - Leon Starr ...More>>
January 15, 2010
  The industry has witnessed the evolution of a wide range of solutions addressing the problem space of B2B and enterprise application integration (EAI). These solutions varied from proprietary message oriented middleware to standard JMS based solutions and web services. This paper provides a brief introduction to the upcoming JBI (Java Business Integration) standard in relation to SOA (service-oriented architecture) principles and the ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) infrastructure. Service O...More>>
October 28, 2009
We have recently published a paper on refactoring J2EE applications for a JBI-based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The paper can be found at ...More>>
August 21, 2009
We had the kickoff meeting of the “GovDTF” Open Government Working Group on Thursday, Sept. 17th at 1pm as part of the OMG meeting in San Antonio, Texas.  The President’s open government initiative represents a real opportunity to make a difference and show the relevance of standards for open architectures.  The group refined the charter and started on the process of building the groups persona and web presense. The charter of the group is: ----------------------...More>>
June 29, 2009
Since the initial release of ModelPro SoaML cartridge in March, we have been working hard to add new features, focusing full SoaML support. Here is a just partial list of what to expect in the next rev of the cartridge: Support for <<RequestPoint>> stereotypes Alternative ways to specify a service contract. The SoaML spec provides three ways to specify a service contract: ServiceInterface based – a ServiceInterface based approach allows for bi-directional services, those...More>>
June 19, 2009
In these troubled economic times it is encouraging to see an emerging technology really emerging and the  2009 Semantic Technology Conference demonstrated just such an emergence.  Consider that this is a long 4 day conference and attendance was up - topping out over 1100 - factoring in the number of travel budgets that have been cut this is significant.  There was also a meetup of local community meetups representing thousands of highly interested participants, the semantic web c...More>>
June 8, 2009
We presentated a case study at the 2009 JavaOne conference. This presentation is a case study conducted in a large U.S. federal agency that involves a service registry and a Java™ Business Integration (JBI)-based enterprise service bus (ESB) to enhance the role of this agency as a reliable intermediary in the federal supply chain. First, the session presents the environment in which this study was conducted. Then it discusses the main drivers, the outstanding challenges (technical and...More>>