About Us


ModelDriven.org is a new community of government, commercial and university members who use, develop and integrate open source and commercial capabilities to enable agile business solutions based on model driven methods and technologies. ModelDriven.org is standards based, leveraging Model Driven Architecture® as defined by the OMG and the Semantic Web as defined by W3C. This community has both a user membership and a provider membership.


The user community drives the agenda – it is their needs that ModelDriven.org and the provider community are there to address.


ModelDriven.org serves the open source (and "open model") community by being an active contributor to open source and sponsoring open source projects that help build the Model Driven vision. ModelDriven.org provides open source developers a way to focus efforts on problems that need to be addressed and a way to build quality architectures and software that will really make a difference.


ModeDriven.org provides commercial vendors with an outlet for their products and services that support open source and a venue for funded open source projects that are strategically important for both the provider and user communities.

This announcement is initially directed to the OMG and Semantic Web providers to build the community for subsequent announcement at large.  Join ModelDriven.org and be part of the initial press release.