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Architectures in this context are the plans and designs for how a “system” works.  That system may be the government as a whole, an agency, department, I.T. system or business.  Architectures, in one form or another, are how we get our goals and ideas realized by effectively applying our resources.  The architectures we are focusing on include business, enterprise and technology architectures - all of which must work together.  Components of these architectures include: 

  • Goals and requirements - the goals, requirements and policies that govern how an organization or system operates, what it is to achieve and how it is to transform
  • Services - the services organizations and systems provide and use
  • Service architectures - the way a set of participants (organizations', people or systems) work together to provide business value by providing and using services.
  • Business Process - the activities a business or government agency uses to achieve its business goals and provide services
  • Information - the information an organization or system manages as well as the information it communicates to others via services
  • Business Rules - the rules and policies under which an organization or system operates
  • Initiatives - the activities an organization undertakes to achieve its objectives
  • Metrics - the measurable factors by which an organization or system may be evaluated for effectiveness.