Global Architecture and Information Network Initiative

Project Description:
GAIN Introduction:

The Global Architecture & Information Network (GAIN for short) is an initiative to enable more effective government, business opportunities, transparent government and job creation by building on and extending the U.S. leadership success in the internet combined with open source software and industry standards.

The core of the opportunity is to create a "network of information" that will allow for federation of government and commercial organizations processes, services, data and plans.  The imperatives for integration and collaboration are well established: greater collaboration and integration means more effective government, more profitable business, visibility and leadership.  Collaboration, integration and information visibility are the cornerstones of a wide range of initiatives from economic recovery to fighting terrorism.

To realize President Obama's Initiatives of transparent, participatory and collaborative government we need pervasive access to information.  That information will be on the internet and must be able to be understood, accessed, linked analyzed and repurposed.  The network of information and architectures GAIN can provide could be the backbone of the information resource to support these bold initiatives in the form of a Data Cloud for government information.

The key enabler of the Global Architecture Integration Network is a "backbone" of open source software and government architectures that can lay the foundation for GAIN and spur commercial tools, infrastructure, services and architectures that will build on the foundation provided by the backbone.  This backbone can be provided by a joint effort of government, industry, standards organizations, and universities.

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