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Getting started with ModelPro

  • Download and install modelpro

ModelPro is distributed as an Eclipse package and can be downloaded from ModelPro Download Site. It is bundled with or without GlassFish and JBoss application servers. On the download page, select the ModelPro release and OS platform of your choice and  select "Include" if you want the application servers. Refer to the installation guide for step-by-step instructions to install and use ModelPro. If you face problems or have questions please post those to ModelPro forums.

  • Using ModelPro to provision JEE project

ModelPro can be used to provision JEE based web services from SoaML models. A simple Hello World Tutorial provides a detailed tour of using ModelPro.

  • SoaML Modeling

Creating top-down services architecture with SoaML (Part 1 and Part 2) tutorials provide a tour of using NoMagic Cameo SOA+ suite for SoaML modeling. ModePro Java EE Cartridge, distributed as part of the ModelPro provisioning engine, generates Java EE deployable artifacts from UML Platform Independent Models (PIM). The ModelPro Java EE cartridge user's guide provides details about the target technology platforms that the JEE cartridge provisions to. Based on SoaML, the SoaML modeling profile supports the range of modeling requirements for service-oriented architectures, including the specification of systems of services, the specification of individual service interfaces, and the specification of service implementations. Refer to the SoaML profile reference for details. The SoaML wiki provides specification related information.

  • Extending ModelPro

Curious about how ModelPro works? Refer to the introduction to ModelPro internals.  Documentation on various components used in ModelPro can be found in ModelPro package under Help > Help Contents > ModelPro.

  • Troubleshooting

Refer to FAQ page for frequently asked questions. If you do not find answers to your questions, please post those to ModelPro Forums.