New ModelPro SoaML Features

Submitted by wen-z

Since the initial release of ModelPro SoaML cartridge in March, we have been working hard to add new features, focusing full SoaML support. Here is a just partial list of what to expect in the next rev of the cartridge:

  • Support for <<RequestPoint>> stereotypes
  • Alternative ways to specify a service contract. The SoaML spec provides three ways to specify a service contract:
    • ServiceInterface based – a ServiceInterface based approach allows for bi-directional services, those where there are “call backs’ from the provider to the consumer as part of a conversation between the parties. This has always been supported in the cartridge.
    • ServiceContract based – a service contract approach defines service specifications (the service contract) that specifies how providers, consumers and (potentially) other participants work together to enact a service. Service contract based approach will be supported in the next rev.
    • Simple Interfaces – simple interfaces are the degenerate case of both the ServiceInterface and ServiceContract where the service is unidirectional – the consumer calls operations on the provider – the provider may not even know who the consumer is.  This has always been supported in the cartridge.
  • Options to control XSL schema generation.


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