About ModelDriven.org Projects

The Open Source technology portfolio of ModelDriven.org  is organized into a portfolio of assets supported by projects. A ModelDriven.org member can then select those projects they what to participate in and thus use, drive. project selection and progress is based on the needs, direction and participation of members. 

Types of projects ModelDriven.org is hosting

Business Solutions-Business models, architectures, blueprints and components including full applications for a variety of domains.

Enabling the Model Driven Approach- Modeling Tools, MDA Tools and Metadata Management leveraging the Semantic Web. The modeling layer provides for the full life-cycle of solutions from high level business modeling to runtime services.

Execution Frameworks and Infrastructure – including Business Process Execution Engines, Service Oriented Architecture Technologies, Application Servers, Enterprise Service Bus, Asset and Service Discovery and Supporting Infrastructure.

 The specific projects to be pursued will be based on community interest and support.


Latest Projects

ModelDriven.org is pleased to announce a new Open Source project - ModelPro. ModelPro realizes the Model Driven Architecture vision of provisioning executable software solutions from business-centric architectures. SoaML (Based on the OMG standard) is the first plugin provisioning cartridge for ModelPro which automates the design and development of Service Oriented Architectures, initially on Java Platforms. With SoaML & ModelPro enterprise class service oriented architectures can be up and running quickly and efficiently - ready to integrate new and existing capabilities into a coherent solution based on your enterprise needs, services and processes.   ModelPro is based on industry standards and open platforms so that solutions are portable across technologies and you are never
NOTE: The code base for the reference implementation has now been moved to GitHub. Version 1.1.0 is still available for download from this portal site, but future development and releases will be on GitHub, and the project will no longer be updated in the Subversion repository. This open source software is a reference implementation, consisting of software and related files, for the OMG specification called the Semantics of a Foundational Subset for Executable UML Models (fUML). The reference implementation is intended to implement the execution semantics of UML activity models, accepting an XMI file from a conformant UML model as its input and providing an execution trace of the selected activity model(s) as its output. The core execution engine, which is directly generated from the norm
The EKB is an open-source project to address knowledge management challenges in support of architecture, data and model management based on [[Linked Open Data]].  The EKB provides the ability to publish structured information such as business, process and technology models as linked open data and “connect the dots” between these independent models.  The EKB and other tools can then be used to search and retrieve information assets for any given concept and render them in user friendly ways.  The [[http://portal.modeldriven.org/project/GAIN|GAIN Initiative]] illustrates the business case for the EKB and the EKB is an implementation of the GAIN concepts. Through semantic metadata capture, information assets will be categorized and contextualized to provide for e