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The EKB is an open-source project to address knowledge management challenges in support of architecture, data and model management based on Linked Open Data.  The EKB provides the ability to publish structured information such as business, process and technology models as linked open data and “connect the dots” between these independent models.  The EKB and other tools can then be used to search and retrieve information assets for any given concept and render them in user friendly ways.  The GAIN Initiative illustrates the business case for the EKB and the EKB is an implementation of the GAIN concepts.

Through semantic metadata capture, information assets will be categorized and contextualized to provide for ease search and retrieval.  This affords information suppliers and consumers the capability to easily determine what information is available, the subject of the information, and how to obtain the information.  Additionally, when information components are visible, managed, and accessible within the enterprise community, information suppliers and consumers will be more inclined to share and reuse common information rather than re-inventing it.

The basis of the EKB knowledge management vision is that it is a place for all enterprise knowledge to be stored, managed, published and located.  Any information that is worth developing is worth placing in the EKB for the full lifecycle of that information.  Once in the EKB, information can be linked and queried using semantic web tools.

The EKB is currently a prototype and primarily demonstrates the ability to publish models and data that are defined using OMG “XMI”, such as UML and BPMN models or anything described with XML-Schema.  These “input” data sources are then published as linked open data using RDF and the semantic web.  This data may then be browsed using a generic model browser or a viewpoint that corresponds to the Federal Enterprise Architecture – the DRM.  All models may also be queried using SPARQL.

Further refinements, in progress, will provide for semantically linking models, architectures and data with user friendly viewpoints.  Please see the links below to access the demonstration server.


We are preparing the EKB demonstration for the next phase. We would like to publish YOUR model or architecture as linked open data. Our focus is on government models but commercial models are welcome as well.  All we need is the model and permission to publish the data.

The business case for this is that architectures are more valuable when they are visible, shared and linked. Publishing government architectural data supports the president’s open government initiative. Publishing as LOD fits with the emerging thinking on the best way for government data to be published in an accessible, web based, linkable and query able form based on standards.

Some background of our thoughts on how to leverage LOD for government architectures can be found in our ISWC Presentation


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