ModelPro is pleased to announce a new Open Source project - ModelPro. ModelPro realizes the Model Driven Architecture vision of provisioning executable software solutions from business-centric architectures. SoaML (Based on the OMG standard) is the first plugin provisioning cartridge for ModelPro which automates the design and development of Service Oriented Architectures, initially on Java Platforms. With SoaML & ModelPro enterprise class service oriented architectures can be up and running quickly and efficiently - ready to integrate new and existing capabilities into a coherent solution based on your enterprise needs, services and processes.


ModelPro is based on industry standards and open platforms so that solutions are portable across technologies and you are never locked in to a vendor or technology. Using ModelPro high-level and business focused models are used as part of the "source code" of the application to generate and/or dynamically execute your business model. SoaML uses a profile of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and a provisioning cartridge to produce executable systems in a variety of technologies. The MDA approach used by ModelPro allows the same high-level models to be used as source code for multiple technologies. These MDA models (and resulting applications) are easily modified, adapted and re-provisioned. ModelPro is the "provisioning engine" that takes high level models combined with a provisioning cartridge to produces technology artifacts. Using these cartridges ModelPro (and your business models) can be used for a variety of technologies and architectural styles. SoaML is the cartridge designed for automating SOA architectures using web services and the Java platform. Choices within SoaPro provide for a JE5 platform. ModelPro works within and is integrated with the Eclipse development platform.


ModelPro isn't just for software development - documentation, procurement specifications, user "playbooks", FEA artifacts and other assets can be provisioned from your high-level business models using ModelPro with appropriate plugin cartridges.
ModelPro isn't just about technology - its about solutions and executable domain models, the "source code" of a model driven application. As part of the ModelPro environment and community we will be providing OpenSource domain models that help get you started in developing your business solutions.

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  • ModelPro provisions solutions from models

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